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The PreSonus ATOM Just Got 3 New AMAZING Production Updates

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PreSonus recently released Studio One 5.1 and it came with some great new features. I did a whole video covering everything that was new so if you want to check that out I'll make sure to link that here but the one thing that I didn't talk about in that video. however, were the new ATOM updates and that was simply because I thought that deserved a video of its own.
I have been using the PreSonus ATOM for a little over 7 months now as my main drum sequencer and DAW controller and I often get requests to do more videos on it but the problem was that there really was nothing new to show.
Now don't get me wrong the ATOM is great and I love it but unlike other similar pieces of gear like the Push2 from Ableton or the Maschine from Native instruments, this is just a MIDI controller meaning that it doesn't have any integrated software, it can just control existing parameters on a DAW
With the introduction of Studio One 5.1, however, we did get some new updates that added some cool new functionality so what I thought I could do in this video is first run through the new features and then at the end give you my personal opinion of the ATOM after using it for the past couple months.

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