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Music producers are one of the most important factors when creating a song but often we get left with the short end of the stick and fending for ourselves.

Traditionally the role of a producer is extremely reactive, meaning that we have to wait or depend on others for our careers to progress and although this has been the way the music industry has worked for a very long time, this, unfortunately, tends to put us on the backseat with little to no control.

Moving forward being just a producer isn't enough. We as producers should be positioning ourselves more and more in a place to win, in a place where we are the drivers of our careers and where we can dictate more of our success. There are a bunch of ways to do this but one of the easiest relatively speaking and one that we have the most control over is transitioning from thinking of ourselves as just producers to also artists and ultimately releasing our music on streaming platforms under our own names.

To get this done you will need to use a distribution company and preferably one that is geared towards independent artists. There are a bunch out there but my favorite and the one that a lot of the artists that I work with use is DistroKid who was gracious enough to also sponsor this week's video.

To help you get started, DistroKid was even kind enough to provide you with a 7% off discount for your first year and you can access that by clicking HERE

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