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My New Beat Production/Mixing Workflow

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As I'm sure you know if you've been doing this for a while or something that you'll soon find out if you're new, is that music is one of those ever-long journeys where you never really stop learning and especially as producers as we are always looking for things to improve to ultimately make our craft better.

The goal with my Youtube channel and this blog has always been to provide a resource in music production for others that I didn't have when I started. Ultimately though because I too am a producer and also always learning I come across techniques that are no longer as effective or things that I was simply doing wrong that I have improved upon.

So then today I want to talk to you about my new beat production and mixing workflow and maybe help you improve the way you work as well.

The only thing I'll say before you watch though is that in this video we will be talking more about theory and the concept of the topic and I know that’s not always the most exciting thing but I really think it's important for you to understand WHY this is even a thing, to begin with.

Next week I will be doing a followup video that will be more practical and show you the HOW but I still think it's important for you to listen this week and understand the WHY.


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