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Today we are talking about something that has made a world of a difference to my workflow when making beats and when creating music in general and that is templates. Templates are easy to brush over because they're not as exciting as new mixing techniques or new sounds but the irony is that having things like new mixing techniques or new sounds means nothing if you can't use them effectively and maximize your studio productivity.

I started using templates a few years back and primarily because to I wanted to reduce the amount of obstacles between a musical idea and a finished product. We use technology everyday to create our music but we all know that it can also get in the way. I don't know about you but when I'm feeling super inspired the last thing I want is to be sidetracked with things like tweaking parameters, finding the right plugins or setting up proper bus routing. Personally I would much rather to get straight to work by lay down my idea before I loose it, and then go back later and tweak if I have to. In other words I just want things to work. Now granted, things will never go 100% as planned but what I have found is that having something like a template reduces a lot of obstacles and let's me get to work faster and ultimately helps me make more music so today I will be show you my personal production template and hopefully you too will start to make beats and music a lot faster.

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